Wednesday, January 29, 2020

American Rebirth: The New Podcast Series From Steve Brant

America faces multiple crises: climate, economic, political, and sociological... some of which it shares with the rest of the world.

My new "American Rebirth" podcast explores how a Rebirth of the Freedom to Create - which was key to the Founding Father’s success - can enable America to not just regain its former position as "the leader of the free world" but become "the leader of a global transformation"... to a future in which World Peace is finally seen as possible!

This podcast series is being created on the website. But it's also available at Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.  I've produced three episodes so far: 

1. Imagining a Rebirth of America: The Personal Route Out Of Our Crisis
2. The Importance Of Life-Long Learning, Including From "The Crazy Ones"
3.The Most Effective Approach To Planning For Personal & Societal Rebirth

Here's where you can listen to them:
"American Rebirth" on ...
Apple Podcasts

I look forward to hearing your comments!  And t
he next episode will be called "World Peace: I've Got A Plan For That". That's coming soon!

- Steve