Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Founder & Principal of Trimtab Management Systems To Speak and Lead Workshop at First Annual Fuller Future Festival

April 2, 2013

Steve Brant, the Founder & Principal of Trimtab Management Systems, is headed to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to participate in the first annual Fuller Future Festival.  2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the passing of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, who pioneered what is today referred to as the sustainable development movement.

The festival's theme is "Livingry: Designing Peace".  And in keeping with that theme, Steve will be giving a speech entitled "Can We Design and Implement a Global Sociopolitical Economic Shift From a World at War to a World at Peace?"

But in keeping with Steve's and the festival's organizer's desire that this festival be a place where designing peace isn't just talked about but where that design begins to be realized, Steve will also be leading a workshop entitled "Designing, Building, and Launching a Trimtab for World Peace Based at Southern Illinois University: A Preliminary Exploration”.

Complete information about the festival can be found here.